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Dominique Muscianese, creator of Domonizia, is a professional model, originally from New York. She started modeling while attending High School in her hometown, Las Vegas until she started modeling professionally in 2018. She is represented by Aston Models LA and is continuously pursuing her career as a model shooting swim, commercial, editorial and beauty. Dominique has shot with a diverse selection of photographers for both local and global brands and designers.  

In 2019 Dominique started to pursue her interest in photography after she started going on photo shoots with friends taking the behind the scenes photos. From there she was lent a Canon camera from photographer, Christopher Thompson, and that’s when she realized she loved being behind the camera as much as she did being in front of it. 

Dominique’s main focus as a photographer and model are the posing movements; body movement, facial expressions and positioning of hands and feet. She specializes in black and white photos and advanced retouching while creating her art with humans. 

where art and human come together

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